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Improve your internal management

Develop relationship sustainability

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Enhance your clients' user experience

Digitalise your brand

eBottli brings expertise in the integration of digital technology into all area of businesses, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers


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Producers overwhelmed by manual time consuming tasks, challenges in managing or collecting business critical data, and risks to the security and reputation of their brand. At eBottli, we reduce administrative and management workloads, improve sales potential, and guarantee the wine provenance from the harvest to consumer. The benefits are time and costs savings, improved financial performance, and brand security through each part of the supply chain. We have hands-on wine production experience that enables us to customize easy IT solutions for any size of wine business.



Our team is international. The CEO Nathalie Taquet is French and has worked for more than 15 years in scientific research. The CTO Nicolas Foata has worked for more than 14 years in IoT, cloud, luxury goods tracking and big data. Through their passions, they share with their international team every day the same desire to improve the traceability of the supply chain in order to guarantee the quality of what we drink.



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Though we are niche start-up, we tried to collaborate with leading organisation in the country to create a better workplace, make use of resources and capabilites. We were proud to be selected to integrate two accelerators: one specialised in Agtech (SproutX) and one specialised in wine industry (Foment). We like to work with universities and be a driving force in innovation and research. This is why we support programmes at the University of South Australia and the University of Adelaide.



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