We guarantee the full provenance and the insurance of the brand from the harvest to the consumption

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How can I build and maintain a strong relationship with my customers whilst ensuring the provenance of my product?


How can we be more efficient?

Why are we not getting more sales?

How are we losing items in our warehouse?

Why am I working on inventory for so many hours each day?

User Experience

Do your consumers seek brands and labels they know and trust?

How do you currently allow your wine drinkers to connect with the vineyard and come to know the story of the wine?

Worldwide Tracking

How do you currently Trace and Track your products from order to delivery?

Would a customised software solution help you guarantee the integrity of your products?


 About Us

About Us

eBottli was founded in South Australia in 2019, with the support of the South Australian Government. eBottli’s concept and technology solutions have been developed by world-leading experts in the field.

Investor Information

eBottli is a SA Government-backed start-up based out of the Stone & Chalk innovation hub in Adelaide. Please contact us directly for information about investment opportunities in eBottli technologies.


Your project is our project. We give life to your ideas with customised solutions, or we can also design software packages tailored to your unique needs.


If you are looking for IT consultancy services, eBottli has the experts, know-how, and answers to your questions. We will be very happy to help you.

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