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How sweet wines are made?

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Written by Qingrui Song  How sweet wines are made?  When you drink sweet wine, have you ever wondered where these different sweet tastes come from. It seems that every sweet wine has unique style of sweetness. But why? At this moment, let us explore how sweet wines… Read More »How sweet wines are made?

Advantages mobile apps

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By Sophie Ling Developing a mobile app has many advantages in developing your brand. In the UK, 96% of retailers have at least one mobile app. Developing an app can increases clients experience and scheduling. It has been proven that more sales have… Read More »Advantages mobile apps

digital solution for winegrowers and winemakers

De Fazio – Story

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Written by Sophie Ling De Fazio was first established in 1864 and has been a family-owned winery for generations. The De Fazio winery traces back to Castagna, located south in Italy, a region in which is known for utilising traditional… Read More »De Fazio – Story

Lost Wolf – Story

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Written by Sophie Ling A company that was begun in the 1990’s, Lost Wolf Winery regard themselves as a family wine. The vineyards were owned by the Viergever family. Wolf started his career in the packaging industry and making labels.… Read More »Lost Wolf – Story