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I get my passion in wine from my family who is a small winery in Burgundy. Like many wineries, our passion is to make wine and to make each bottle unique. Behind each bottle there is an incredible story to tell: a transfer of knowledge from generation to generation, a crush for a coating project, a crazy idea...

All this work is often badly highlighted and not appreciated at its true value. Margins are getting smaller and smaller and competition is growing. That's why I think it's important with eBottli to help wineries to build and protect their brand in a more robust way with a real user experience to have long term commitment from their consumers.

We are helping to build trust and connection between winemakers and consumers by reducing the middlemen and tracing the entire chain from the harvest of the grapes to the purchase of the bottle.

If you ask what is my favourite part of my journey? My answer is to go and talk to the wineries in the middle of the vineyards about their stories and to understand their difficulties. #winebusiness #winecounterfeiting

Nathalie Taquet

CEO - eBottli & Bottli

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