The world evolves continuously and is connecting exponentially in all the areas and domains (supply chain and traceability, regulations and authorities, accounting and finance, branding and marketing, user experiences).

Industry 4.0 which interconnects IoT and mobile devices, platform of services, robots or engines has proven its efficiency during this last decades. Industry 5.0 by integrating the consumers within the loop becomes viral and answers several new customer expectations. Indeed, customers want to be surprised, feel true and appreciable experiences, be implied, trust the brand by knowing what is behind the product. They want to understand the people, the processes and the values.

That’s why, as a CTO of eBottli, I enjoy everyday to build a world more transparent where all the actors from the producers to the consumers can exchange and share their values and experiences by mixing all the latest technologies such as Cloud, IoT, AR/VR, AI, blockchain. Above all, it is a human adventure where we can meet incredible producers, exchange and brainstorm about the needs, the strategies and find the best ways to reach them . Altogether, we can offer amazing experiences and an incredible future for our children.

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Nicolas Foata

CTO - eBottli

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