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Christian Burvill-Holmes - Brand Manager at D'Arenberg

"They helped to create some fantastic content to showcase our unique cellar door in McLaren Vale, the d’Arenberg Cube. They quickly came to understand our brand and brought the whole experience to life through their work. They created some incredibly stunning aerial videography, still photography, and an engaging video interview with our Chief Winemaker Chester Osborn. The results were fantastic. Thank you to the team."

Paulmara Estates

Paul Georgiadis - Owner at Paulmara Estates

"At Paulmara Estates we were fortunate to have connected with eBottli. Being a boutique brand focussing on purity in wine production it was great to partner with Florence and Nathalie who not only understand our story and passion behind what we do but have the skills to assist us to stream line our business through digitalisation. It is important that we work with people who understand our brand and offer a strategic roadmap to capture an audience who are truly appreciative of wine quality and the story behind each product. Florence and Nathalie from eBottli get to fully understand your business before they propose systems that can add value to your business, they truly make you feel that they are just as passionate about your success as what you are. Honesty and Integrity is paramount in our business so we try and aline ourselves with people of similar values."

Mac Laren and eBottli solutions

Tara Madgett - General Manager at Mc Laren Vintners

"The team at eBottli is helping businesses like ours, utilise state of the art technology to solve old school problems. Collaborating with eBottli provides us with the best chance to operate as efficiently as possible helping save time, and money. eBottli provide thoughtful, technical advice on improving manual and time wasting activities."

Vikas Gupta - General Manager at AWM Global

"The eBottli team shows passion and commitment. The most admiring thing is the reliabity they create for you as customer, with sense of belonging and detailing. They are too good."

Laura Tolson - Director at Lateral Vision

"Nathalie and the eBottli team are incredibly experienced and knowledgeable about the wine industry. They bring international knowledge to local problems and go above and beyond for everyone they work with."

wine of Adelaide

Peter Jackson - Managing Director at Wines of Adelaide

"Wines of Adelaide Pty Ltd has been working with Nathalie and Florence from eBottli and found their input to our business invaluable. They are absolute professionals and a pleasure to work with. We would encourage any wine business to discuss your challenges with the eBottli team"