geolocate your barrel

Barrel Tracker

Barrel tracker has been designed in collaboration with winemakers who were facing a considerable loss of time in locating their barrels and managing the associated data.

eBottli provide digital solutions for winegrowers and winemakers


The devices and applications have been specifically designed to work in harsh conditions to track your wine barrels. 

eBottli provide digital solutions for winegrowers and winemakers

Track & Trace

Geolocate your barrels up to 10m and easily capture your data. Track all the details of the barrel and its contents, activity history, analytical details…

eBottli provide digital solutions for winegrowers and winemakers

Time efficient

Possibility to connect to your existing wine making software, export data in different format. 

How does it help?

A winery can have hundreds or thousands of barrels and moving from barrel to barrel to record contents need too much time and resource. With approximately the size of a small coin, RFID tags are almost indestructible labels that contain data. Each wine barrel is given a serialised label that is attached on the barrel with a food-grade adhesive.

Barrel tracker records the data of each barrel and it makes locating and tracking them easier.



Phone, tablet or computer connected to a handheld scanner


HTTPS, SaaS platform, secure data-centres


Traceability, food safety, compliance


Up to 10 m away. A sound signal is emitted, which becomes louder the closer you get to the desired wine barrel

Data type

Details about the barrel itself, its contents, activity history, analytical details, etc.


Export reports and download in CSV, XLS or PDF files

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