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Event Management

We organise for you your event to connect the lovers with the knowers. Discover our offer: B to B events, C to B events, and B to C events.

eBottli provide digital solutions for winegrowers and winemakers


Exploit new opportunities to grow your business, find sources of inspiration and continuous improvement

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Enrich your customer database and partner network to develop your turnover

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Having fun!

How nice it is to share your passion for producing good food and wine at such events!

eBottli provide digital solutions for winegrowers and winemakers

B to B Events

You are a grower, a winemaker, a bottler, a labeler, a trader, a retailer, a distributor… you are somewhere in the wine industry, willing to increase your visibility and network.

If so, we can connect you with a relevant partner to help you attend an expo or a show. We can connect you with retailers, and wholesalers as part of  temporary events or with a view to building long-lasting partnerships.

C to B Events

You are a wine lover and you want to organize a private or a corporate party, ebottli can help you come up with an elegant and unique event whether you want to host it from your home, your office, or another venue.

  • Determine a theme: Wine tasting, Food & Wine Pairing
  • Find a venue
  • Find a catering partner to accommodate the wines
  • Recruiting a Sommelier
  • Organising draws and activities to achieve your goals.

B to C Events

You are a winemaker and you need to increase your visibility and sales: we can help you organise a wine tasting event at your own cellar door or help you partner up with a venue.

  • Finding a venue & a catering partner
  • Recruiting a sommelier and Managing invites & promotion
  • Public Relations
  • Organising draws and activities to gather more sales

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