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A virtual platform to experience Australian wine globally.

With the launch of Australia Wine Connect this year, the entire wine industry will now be able to connect at a global level. Wineries across 65 regions in Australia will be featured giving the wine industry opportunities to grow to an entirely new level. Australia wine connect will end up being a new platform to connect winemakers, buyers, sellers, the media, distributors, and the entire wine community.

With the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) signed with the United Kingdom, the wine industry will be benefitted and can increase its sales volumes at a global level. Apart from UK, the Australian wineries will be able to promote their products across US, Canadian, European, and Asian markets.

The Australian Wine Industry did witness a fall in the level of exports when the “anti-dumping” measures imposed by the Chinese ministry of commerce (MOFCOM) was announced. The industry did see an overall drop of 4% in the level of exports. The imposition of these measures and the current covid situation did change the entire market distribution system. However, in markets such as the US, UK, and Canada, Australian wine sales did grow. The value and volume of exports to the UK increased by 33% and 21% respectively giving Australian wine exports to the UK an average increase of 10%.

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Australia Wine Connect launched virtually on 27th April and solely aims to increases and build strong commercial outcomes for the wine community globally. It is one of its kind to promote and connect trade between countries, organize events such as live gatherings, panel discussions, and virtual tastings. It is now the go-to recourse for Australian wine for this year and beyond. To date, there are approximately over 250 exhibitors registered with over 2000 products, over 1500 trade represents from over 44 countries who have registered for the launch events on the platform.

It is not only a platform for connecting the wine community but also a good place to gain education on the Australian wine industry. The platform offers a B2B service to all its members across the globe. This platform also links distributors who can enable sales conversation. Australia wine connect is promoted as an educational and business tool. It is dedicated to different purposes viz, ‘The Expo’, ‘The Discover’, ‘The Conversation’.

On a quarterly basis, there will be a panel discussion with global leaders on the Future of Drinking. The uniqueness of the Australian climate, landscape, and regional wines will be uncovered through a specific variety or style on the first Tuesday of every month. Mark Davidson, who is Wine Australia’s Head of Education Development will be hosting various informative chats with winemakers who are in the search of diversity, individuality, and quality of grape and wine.

The aspects of the virtual networking also give a platform for registered members for a virtual showcase wherein all the eligible Australian wineries can apply for a Wine Export Grant which would help them to cover their cost of participation. Since the Australian wine community is known for creativity and having the most diverse and distinctive wines in the world, this multi-faceted platform will act as a collaborative tool to keep wineries updated in the market as well as raise awareness and promote Australian wine in a new and exciting way amongst the entire international trade audience.







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