All New Barrel Management - Using Technology


Scott manages hundreds of wine barrels daily. To identify each one uniquely he and his team have designed a system whereby specific coloured stickers are applied to each wine barrel in their large warehouse. This system falls down in several areas. It is not easy to retrieve the desired barrel or easily do a stocktake without physically viewing the stickers. Sometimes they will lose a barrel and find it several days later. Indeed, some barrels are stacked over 5 meters high, others are hidden at the back. Moving these is both tedious and dangerous. Annually, the cumulative and direct costs of these repetitive tasks without any added value could be several thousand dollars and creates challenges for staff training and retention as well as maintaining a safe working environment.


Each barrel is equipped with a smart tag containing either a unique identifier or specific data. When Scott needs to select the barrels of Shiraz or the ones belonging to his customer Matthew, he just filters on his handled device the barrels he is interested in and can detect them around him in a few seconds. Making stocktakes now becomes easy and straightforward given he can trace and scan several barrels in one shot within a 10-metre range. At last, no need to take risks anymore to access high barrels or move them simply for stocktaking. The safety of his employees can be guaranteed.