• Nathalie Taquet

Blockchain Magic for Wine

New blockchain technology reduces wine fraud risks. A new Australian-developed technology eBottli has the potential to defend the wine export industry against the booming $4.3 trillion global trade in counterfeit wines.

The anti-counterfeit technology solution provides a suite of tracking and blockchain data technologies, geolocating services for bottles or containers, and unique identifier labels for winemakers.

In an industry rife with fraud, we all know the necessity of geographic authenticity, traditional character, and reputation of the region's wines. So it is essential to help distributors and consumers verify the authenticity of products through accurate information at every stage of the winemaking process.

Tracking and blockchain technology has been steadily increasing in popularity since recent years. According to the latest news, Chinese tech giant Tencent also announced the plan to develop a wine blockchain in collaboration with one of the most prominent Chinese wine producers Changyu this year.

Therefore subject to the vagaries of the market, eBottli’s anti-counterfeit technology suite that stores every detail related to the production and distribution of every bottle of wine will be the best choice for you.