Inventory Management at Ease


Daniel has many wine SKUs all with different optimum holding times that impact on cash flow management. He can't manage his inventory properly and efficiently given he spends more than half of his day with manual tasks. Consequently, he has to come and work on the weekend just to check and organise everything. Indeed, he is currently not able to delegate different tasks of his warehouse management so has to personally oversee the entire process.


eBottli has implemented a mobile solution that Daniel can use everywhere in his winery. He doesn’t need a computer and is able to manage all items easily in real-time. He can therefore move around the warehouse check stock by simply scanning it. It uses barcodes already present on pallets, boxes and cartons. He is no longer forced to use his computer and this auto scan is able to prevent costly mistakes. Each operation is traced and he can delegate certain tasks to his team. Now, Daniel is easily aware of his stock levels, can take action to move excess inventory when necessary and avoid missing items during stockade. Most importantly he can engage staff to do these processes for him.