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Internal Traceability

To help internal traceability, we offer mobile apps, scanners, RFID and QR Codes

Mobile Application

The mobile app we create for you is entirely evolutive and you can add or turn off any of its options at any time. Our monthly subscriptions include absolutely everything you can think of; maintenance, necessary updates, upgrades or downgrade your choice.

Scanner & RFID/QR Codes

Better manage your data recording: Integration of software into a mobile scanning system allowing to bring up real-time data related to the product.

Increasing inventory accuracy by decreasing the risk of mistake (less data to be manually entered due to the use of a scanner); Scanned codes update the stock level in real time.


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Whether you are facing a challenge in your operations, willing to pursue a goal in the future regardless of your current situation, or wishing to jump on an unexpected opportunityeBottli will support you in the implementation of digital tools to address your needs.