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Spray e - diary

Spray eDiary has been designed in collaboration with growers who were facing considerable time wasting and lack of accuracy with their spray diary data recording to address the need for simplicity, transparency and efficiency

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Track & Trace

Traceability of the spreadings overtime, sustainability tracking, have a digital ledger to be compliant with the reglementation

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Extensive & Secure Data

Follow the chemical products and each target related, the equipment uses, the operators, the weather and all elements 

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Customised Report

Sales your grapes in an easy way during harvest by reporting all sprays, export the report in xls, pdf & csv or other customise format

How does it help?

Spray eDiary is a SaaS platform allowing data entry to be more accurate by minimising the risk of human mistake and speeding up drastically the recording process

  • User friendly: any device & anytime, on & offline
  • Reporting & data use: choose only the needed information and customise your report
  • Traceability & data security: latest technology for optimal data security and flexible


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Whether you are facing a challenge in your operations, willing to pursue a goal in the future regardless of your current situation, or wishing to jump on an unexpected opportunityeBottli will support you in the implementation of digital tools to address your needs.