At eBottli, we offer customised services for wine-makers right from harvest to delivery. Our service helps in tracking, warehousing, counterfeiting and supply chain. 

Track and Trace


We put and cross the data technologies from IoT and blockchain (Near Field Communication-NFC, Radio Frequency Identification Devices-RFID, image recognition and real-time geolocators) to trace and track at each step of the supply chain with our secure digital platform.

Direct Consumer Engagement

eBottli has been designed for high consumer contact. We are customer-friendly and can be branded. Our mobile application provides rich engagement experiences, alongside the product’s authenticity verification and story backside of the product. Its very easy to use. 

Flexibility & Usability

We offer a wide range of solutions from physical and digital token security features which are enhanced by blockchain, artificial intelligence or the internet of things. Our solutions can be effortlessly deployed and used with existing solutions and can also evolve towards new technologies in a long-term strategy.

Smart Labelling & Packaging

We have created various options to easily and quickly integrate with any existing production, packing or ERP solution you may already have in place. Everything is traced with a digital ledger to avoid data manipulation and the application is cloud-based which allows our anti-counterfeit solutions available worldwide.

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