Whether you are facing a challenge in your operations, willing to persue a goal in the future regardless of your current situation or wishing to jump on an unexpected opportunity, eBottli will support you in the implementation of digital tools to address your needs. 

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Improve your internal management

HOW to increase your productivity and minimise time & product waste and protect your brand against counterfeiting


Whether you operate on local or global markets, eBottli will assist you in achieving internal traceability & stock management such as external traceability & shipment tracking.

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Enhance your clients' user experience

Improve WHAT you deliver with an innovative offering

Share your story, reconnect with your customers and attract new ones by loading up your hosting platforms with the most advanced contents. With the latest technology like drone & 360 videos, augmented reality and remote virtual experiences, position yourself as an innovative leader.

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Develop Relationship sustainability

See WHERE your business grow by engaging with more clients being more loyal: be more proactive with your platforms

Our in house designers are here to help you develop and enrich your website content and architecture to ensure it best represents your brand and positioning on your market. From your website, our developers can create a mobile application to share with your loyal customers to further promote the benefits of your wine club. Website, mobile application, as well as smart labels can be linked to a CRM system to allow you to monitor the behaviour of your clients and prospects.

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