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Smart Lables

Smart labels are definitely the latest technology to engage with your future and existing customers. They are one unique identifier per bottle. Have you ever thought of being able to share an unlimited amount of information on the restricted space of your bottle label.

How it Helps?

With a simple scan from a smartphone, share with your customers:

  • – The story behind the bottle; talk about the winery, the winemaker, the family…
  • – The Specificities of the wine: describe the flavor, suggest food pairing…
  • – The Traceability data: Share the provenance from harvest to retailer via exportation routes
  • – The option to collect reward points from the purchase.

Four Major Benefits

  1. Immediate engagement with your customer who can access all relevant info from a simple scan whether the bottle has been purchased or not.
  2. Possibility to load various kinds of content; 3D Tours, Videos, Augmented Reality (Holograms), access to online shop: there is no limit to the amount of content a smart label can host.
  3. Possibility to link the label with a reward scheme and get customers to either log in and collect points or create an account to join your wine club.
  4. Possibility to increase your database by tracking and recording traffic generated by the scanning of the smart label.


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