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Eisenstone Wines

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Stephen Cook: The winemaker and creator Written by Ziena Shankar Did you know, Stephen Cook, winemaker and creator of Eisenstone wines, never intended on becoming a winemaker? After completing a Bachelor of Science and Masters in Biochemistry in home country… Read More »Eisenstone Wines

K1 Wines by Geoff Hardy

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Bottli visits the K1 vineyard and cellar door Written by Qingrui Song You’ve probably heard of the name Thomas Hardy & Sons, right? As one of the founding fathers of the Australian wine industry, Geoff Hardy’s great-great grandfather started the… Read More »K1 Wines by Geoff Hardy


Kir French Cocktail

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Fancy a classy French cocktail? Written by Miriam Laurovics What is Kir? Kir pronounced as ke-a  is a popular light French cocktail called crème de cassis. Essentially, it is a syrupy blackcurrant liqueur that acts as a thick dark sweetener… Read More »Kir French Cocktail

Richard McLeod at Ayers House

Landers Wines – Story

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Richard McLeod shares the story of Landers Wines and Ayers House Written by Miriam Laurovics Who are Landers wines? Ebottli had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Richard McLeod from Landers Wines. Landers carry a lot of character, spirit, and… Read More »Landers Wines – Story

Rusty Mutt – Story

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Who is Rusty Mutt? Written by Miriam Laurovics & Nicola Reid  Looking to try Adelaide wine, look no further. Located in McLaren Flat, South Australia, Rusty Mutt produces a small batch of wine with an emphasis on novelty and quality. Controlled… Read More »Rusty Mutt – Story

Kies Family Wines blog

Kies Wines – Story

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Written by Miriam Laurovics  Looking for somewhere nice to wine and dine? Kies Winery got you covered. Located in the beautiful Barossa Valley, the Kies winery screams vintage and elegance. Shortly after opening their cellar door in 1985, the small… Read More »Kies Wines – Story