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Why sushi producers should use traceability systems

Sushi is considered a “ready to eat” food, as it can be eaten without having any further processing done before being prepared for consumption. In the food industry and explicitly in the “ready to eat”food market, there is an increasing demand from stakeholders for producers and suppliers to be more transparent in their business operations. This is primarily due to stakeholders’ concerns about food health and safety requirements. These concerns directly affect the sushi market, as consumers are wanting to know more about the supply chain processes and the production of sushi as it involves the handling and transportation of raw fish. When raw fish is handled, stored or transported unsafely it can lead to food contamination occurring. Therefore, as a sushi producer or supplier, it is imperative to remain transparent about the business’s supply chain processes, as stakeholders are more likely to trust, and invest in your business over competitors in the market that fails to satisfy these stakeholders’ needs and wants.



As sushi is a food that can harbour parasites, bacteria, and viruses key stakeholders such as consumers, suppliers, and potential investors are more willing and able to invest more money and time in businesses that can demonstrate that they are employing safe practices. Therefore, implementing traceability systems into the business’s operations can further increase the business transparency with its stakeholders and better establish trust.


Traceability can provide businesses with the ability to follow products as they move along the value chain and access information about the provenance of inputs, supplier sourcing practices, and conversion processes. With this data, your business can make predictions, run scenarios, and optimize operations. Traceability can also help mitigate the impact of internal and external disruptions, and certify safe processes and products. Traceability is also important as it can allow corrective actions such as product recalls to be implemented quickly and effectively if a business does encounter unsafe practices such as food contamination.

At eBottli, we’re experts in supply chain security and traceability. Whether you are a sushi producer, supplier or transporter, traceability systems can assist your business in achieving your organisational goals whilst creating greater trust and confidence within your stakeholders.


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