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Food Contamination

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Food contamination is a prevalent issue for producers both nationally, and internationally. Each year worldwide, unsafe food practice causes 600 million cases of food-borne diseases, and it is estimated that 1 in 10 people become ill after eating contaminated food.… Read More »Food Contamination

Interview with the Eldredge Winery

Eldredge Vineyards

Eldredge Vineyards – the Biggest Little Winery in Clare Written by Yumeng Zhang Clare Valley is one of the oldest wine regions in South Australia. It is well-known for its Riesling because of the cooler climate. Around a 2-hour drive from the city… Read More »Eldredge Vineyards

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Eisenstone Wines

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Stephen Cook: The winemaker and creator Written by Ziena Shankar Did you know, Stephen Cook, winemaker and creator of Eisenstone wines, never intended on becoming a winemaker? After completing a Bachelor of Science and Masters in Biochemistry in home country… Read More »Eisenstone Wines